St Matthew's Church, Wimbledon
Church of England in the Diocese of Southwark


Life Events

Enquiries about any of the these services should be made to the Vicar.



In baptism (or christening) an adult or child is welcomed into the family of the church. Anyone living within the boundaries of the Parish of Wimbledon is welcome to receive the Sacrament of Baptism at St Matthew’s. Alternatively if you don’t live within the parish but attend the church regularly we will be very happy to consider you for baptism. There is no charge for a baptism service: it is a gift of love and acceptance from a generous God. Because baptism is a service of welcome into the church community we do not undertake private ceremonies. All baptisms are celebrated within the context of the main Sunday service. Please don’t be put off by this: we are used to making people feel welcome and families always enjoy the service even if they are not regular churchgoers. If you would like to discuss baptism please contact the Vicar before your family makes travel arrangements as a particular date cannot be guaranteed.

First Communions


Children are welcome at the Lord’s Table. In the Diocese of Southwark, any child aged seven years or over who is a regular worshipper can be prepared to receive holy communion. The clergy run a First Communion Preparation Course each year and we usually have a group of seven or eight children. The preparation sessions focus on learning about our Christian journey, our baptism, the life of Jesus, how to pray and read the Bible and how the church can help with this. We have a special All Age Mass in March when the children are admitted to communion. If you would like your child prepared, please contact the Vicar.



Confirmation is an important milestone in the Christian journey. It is the point at which Christians make a public declaration of their faith and are “confirmed in the Holy Spirit” by their Bishop. At St Matthew’s we run Confirmation classes for adults and children separately (children aged 10 or over may be confirmed if they are ready). We learn about the basics of the Christian faith and how they may be made real within our lives. The groups are fun and thought-provoking for adults and children alike and no previous knowledge is necessary to attend them. The Confirmation Service usually takes place in one of the churches of the Wimbledon Team in November. Please contact the Vicar for more information.



Those who live within the boundaries of the Parish of Wimbledon are welcome to be married at St Matthew’s, and a new relaxing of the regulations surrounding marriage in church mean that others may also celebrate this Sacrament in St Matthew’s Church. Preparation for marriage involves a focus on the communication skills required to build a lifelong, honest and trusting relationship. There is a fee for the wedding service which covers the use of the church, legal costs, organist and time taken for preparation. It is helpful to discuss dates for potential weddings at least six months in advance.

If you live in the vicinity of St Matthew’s but are getting married in an Anglican church elsewhere you will need to have your banns read at St Matthew’s. Please contact the Vicar, or introduce yourself at a Sunday service, to arrange to have this done. Banns must be completed before you can be legally wed in church so please don’t leave this until the last minute! There is a small statutory fee for the banns certificate.



Christian Funerals provide a way of celebrating a person’s life, commending them to our forgiving God and uniting them with the risen, living Christ. Funerals may happen in the church or in a crematorium chapel and the Church of England sets statutory fees for these services. If you wish St Matthew’s Parish Priest to conduct the service and/or wish to use the church itself, dates and times should be discussed with the Vicar before settling anything with the undertaker.