St Matthew's Church, Wimbledon
Church of England in the Diocese of Southwark


Wednesday Coffee Club

Every Wednesday there is a mass at 10am in the Lady Chapel at St Matthews. On the first Sunday of the month it is a healing mass and anointing and laying on of hands is offered for those who would like it.

  The Coffee Club meets after the mass in the vestry. You don’t have to go to the mass to come for a coffee. Nor do you have to stay for a coffee if you’ve been to the mass. We are very relaxed. We drink coffee or tea, eat biscuits (and sometimes cakes or mince pies) and generally put the world to rights. During Lent we have a Bible study (and eat fewer biscuits!). Doreen Gleed buys the supplies and Vida Ramsay and Monica Sobers are pourers in chief.

Anyone is welcome, whatever age, so do pop along if you are free on a Wednesday morning. You will receive a warm welcome.