St Matthew's Church, Wimbledon
Church of England in the Diocese of Southwark


Finding Silence Prayer Group

Last week on the tube I saw these words on a poster advertising a new book:

We’ve learnt to hurry
We’ve learnt to jostle
We’ve learnt to mind the closing doors
Won’t someone Teach Us to Sit Still?

I was walking quickly along the platform with several hundred other people who had just stepped off the train at Bank station. It was another busy day and I was in a rush. Somehow, if I let them, my days can easily disappear into a haze of motion and noise. Sitting still and being quiet sometimes seems little more than a good idea.

The Finding Silence group is there to facilitate just that; sitting still together in silence. An opportunity to sit with each other, before God, for a period of time (typically 20 to 30 minutes) without engaging in conversation, reading or fiddling with mobile telephones. The best way to describe the silence is “silent prayer”. No specific technique or method is taught although the time is useful to practice a method if you have one. The time of silence is often introduced with a Psalm or other text and afterwards there is time for a short reflection.

Our Prayer Group offers an opportunity for anyone who is curious about exploring silence in this way, or would just like to experience what it’s like sitting quietly in the Lady Chapel after the sun sets and the last commuters make their way up Durham Road. There is no commitment to attend on a regular basis so you are free to come whenever you can make it.

Finding Silence meets at 8pm next to the Lady Chapel on the first and third Thursdays of each month. The News Sheet and Calendar give details of upcoming meetings.

For those of you who would like to read more about silent prayer, the following links may be useful.